Foreign Policy:

FP Analytics:

Africa:Mauritius: The Aging Readiness & Competitiveness Report.”

Australasia: New Zealand: The Aging Readiness & Competitiveness Report.”

International political stories:

United States: "Mars-a-Lago: Can the Trump Administration Get Us Beyond the Moon?," "The Trump Administration Has No Plan for Dealing With a North Korean EMP Attack."

South America: "Five Questions About the Missing Argentine Submarine."

Europe: "France Won't Recognize an Independent Catalonia."

Central Asia: "‘Ghost Soldiers’: Too Many U.S.-Trained Afghans Are Going AWOL," "Pentagon Report: IED Casualties Surge in Afghanistan."

East Asia: "North Korea Reportedly Hacks Treasure Trove Of U.S., South Korean War Plans."

Defense technology stories:

"Army, Defense Companies Making Renewed Push For Laser Weapons," "Russian Drone Tech May Include Help From Iran," "DARPA Wants Mobile Technologies to Combat Small Drones," "Air Force May Soon Deploy New Light Attack Aircraft in Iraq, Afghanistan," "Report: Hypersonic Missiles Could Trigger a War."

The Wall Street Journal:

Section-front story: Companies Detail Use of ‘Conflict’ Minerals.”

Feature stories: "Outside Auditors Get Asked In," "Firms Boost Their Spending on Startups" and “Pot Industry Puts on a Tie.”

Breaking news stories: "Perella Weinberg Banker Charged in Insider Case," "Warner Bros. Entertainment Names Kim Williams As Finance Chief."

Contributed to section-front stories:  “Lose Your Triple-A Rating? Who Cares?,” "Meet the SEC's 6,500 Whistleblowers," “Companies Map Contingency Plans as Ukraine Crisis Escalates.”

Contributed to feature stories: "U.S. Companies Bring More Foreign Profit Home," "Reports of the Death of Cash Are Premature" and "Africa Makes Strides in Corporate Accounting, Governance."


"First Person: Pentagon Confidential."