Planning Another Adventure

I've got the 19th of December until the 5th off and I'm planning a vacation with my Dad.  So far the idea is he's gonna come to Japan on the 18th and see my daily routine for a day.  Then, we're have a couple nights in Tokyo before we go on to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia.  That means Tokyo-->Ho Chi Minh CIty-->Phnom Penh-->Jakarta-->Bali-->Komodo Island-->Bali-->Hong Kong-->Tokyo.  Kinda insane but we have a lot of time.  And then a possible stop off to see Sandy in Hong Kong -- it's on the way back to Tokyo and doesn't cost any more.

Komodo Island is of course home to the Komodo Dragon and has neither inhabitants nor roads.  Is it weird that I have the Life Aquatic soundtrack playing in my head while I plan this trip?


The itinerary looks like this: