Change of Plans...

Well Sandy's off to Mexico when I was supposed to come to Hong Kong so the itinerary has changed and Hong Kong is gone.  While it would have been great to see Sandy, this gives us some more time in Bali, and that can't be bad.

Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia 2008-9

18 December 2008Dad arrives in Tokyo at 3:25PM (ANA1).Pick-up at Narita and arrive Itakura.


19 December 2008Work-day, 小学校 & 板倉東洋大前.07:25 Train from Itakuratoyodaimae to Kita-senju (Tobu Line); 08:39 Train from Kita-senju to Hibiya.Check-in hotel.

20 December 2008Explore Tokyo & possible dinner with Kazuakira Nakajima.

21 December 2008Check-out hotel.10:30AM Flight to Ho Chi Minh City (JAL5133/VN951).2:55PM Arrive Ho Chi Minh City.Check-in hotel.


22 December 20086:05AM Flight to Hue (VN250).7:25AM arrival in Hue.Early check-in to hotel.Explore Hue.


23 December 20089:10AM flight to Ho Chi Minh City (VN251).10:30AM arrival in Ho Chi Minh City.Check-in hotel.Explore Ho Chi Minh.

24 December 2008Explore Ho Chi Minh City.Check-out hotel.Depart Ho Chi Minh for Chau Doc.Arrival in Chau Doc at night.Check-in hotel.

25 December 2008 Check-out hotel.Board 7:00AM speedboat up the Mekong River to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.12:00PM arrival in Phnom Penh.Check-in hotel.Explore Phnom Penh.


26 December 2008Explore Phnom Penh.


27 December 2008Check-out hotel.2:00PM flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (MH755); 4:30PM flight to Jakarta, Indonesia (MH723).5:30PM arrival in Jakarta.Ride hotel limo to check-in at hotel.


28 December 2008Explore Jakarta.

29 December 2008Check-out hotel.6:10AM flight to Jogyakarta (GA202).7:10AM arrival in Jogyakarta.Explore Jogyakarta, visiting Borobudur and Prambanan.  Lunch at Amanjiwo.  7:20PM flight to Denpasar, Bali (GA254).9:35PM arrival in Denpasar.Ride hotel limo to check-in hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali.


30 December 2008Relax / Explore Bali.Possible shopping in various towns.


31 December 2008Check-out hotel.Flight to Labuan Bajo.Check-in hotel.Tour Komodo National Park.


1 January 2009 Check-out hotel.Flight to Bali.  12:30PM arrival in Bali.  Check-in hotel, Ubud.


2 January 2009Explore central Bali.

3 January 2009Check-out hotel, Ubud. Explore central Bali. Late-night flight to Tokyo, Japan.

4 January 200912:30PM arrival in Tokyo.John H Kester train from Asakusa to Itakuratoyodaimae.Dad checks-in hotel.


5 January 2009Dad’s11:10AM flight to Washington-Dulles, USA.