Hong Kong

Hong Kong was pretty fantastic. I liked it when I went there before, there's really no substitute for going out and about with someone who lives there and knows it well (Sandy). I didn't really see any "sights" per se, but got a deeper look into what Hong Kong's all about.


Small world that it is, I met my Colombian friend Daniel's brother, Mauricio, who is now friends with Sandy and works at J.P. Morgan. He was a Japanese major at Macalaster in Minnesota so we had something in common. Apparently he was offered a position at J.P. Morgan Tokyo but decided on Hong Kong in the end. So we hung out with a couple of his friends from Columbia who also work in Hong Kong, both at some big interior design firm. I also hung out with this Chilean guy named Alejandro who is a first year lawyer at Skaden Hong Kong. So a surprisingly Latin tilt to my Hong Kong trip and all very cool people with whom I'll keep in touch. I also hung out with Sandy's older sister, whom I was sure didn't speak English when I first met her at graduation. As it turns out, she was just quiet then. She was actually an English Lit major at U. Hong Kong and speaks French too I guess.

I actually liked Hong Kong enough that, if I can do it and get a job, I'd consider trying to do something more career-related in Hong Kong next year for a change of pace.