The Final Countdown...

This weekend was pretty eventful.  With what is now 9 days before I leave I made an effort to see people every day / night while I still could.

Friday night that meant having a pretty good dinner in Shibuya with Kirk and a couple girls, followed by an hour of karaoke at Yajima's where we met Michiyo and Ry, and then a trip to Muse in Roppongi where we met Michiyo's friend Tammy, who was visiting from London.  But less than an hour into Muse I was too tired to stay, and hopped into a cab back to Shimbashi.  

The following night started and ended at Shibuya Hubb, hanging with Kirk, Michiyo, Ry, and Tammy while watching Tour de France out of the corner of my eye.  Everyone else had stayed at Muse until the early morning hours, so only Kirk and I stuck around after the last train.  

Because Monday was a holiday, Sunday was free for fun.  So Sunday afternoon I received a text from Michiyo:

Hey! Let’s do a balls day. Play with balls all day. Like bowling and pool! ...We can throw balls and hit long pins and then use long sticks to hit small balls...

So Michiyo, Ry, Tammy and I met up in Shimokita and then went bowling.  



Then we met up with Kirk and went out to karaoke until 4AM Sunday night.  About two hours into our four hour venture my voice was pretty much gone.  But that predictably didn't stop me.  And, unfortunately for all of us, Tammy was recording half of our renditions on her iPhone voice recorder.

Then Monday night Michiyo, Tammy, Ry, and met up with someone from Ry's work and his friends at Bagus in Roppongi and then grabbed a blooming onion and various entrees at Outback.  Pretty sure I haven't been to Outback in like a decade.  

Then I caught the Tuesday morning train into Itakura in time to teach the West Kindergartners.  As I was starting class one boy proudly presented the herpetic-looking sore on his tongue and I feigned pride and said, "Sugeeeee!" ("Awesome!").  By the end of the day, though, I was feeling pretty sick too (not with the Herp) and ended up taking sick-leave today.  Feeling better now, though, so I just need to think happy thoughts and prepare for a bittersweet finale this weekend.