Today I showed up at 西小 (Nishi-Shou, West Elementary) 5 minutes late because my bike got a flat tire.  Right as I arrived, one of the teachers rushed me into the gym for a presentation.  It turns out they had a surprise farewell planned for me!  The principal gave the kids a nice summary of where I came from and what I plan to do from here and then did an impromptu interview with me in front of the whole school.  Then one of the sixth grade girls came out with a bouquet of flowers and presented them to me, thanking me for teaching and saying it was a lot of fun.  Then I had to give a brief thank you in front of the crowd.  Pretty crazy way to start the day, but so nice!

My flowers.

My flowers.


on 2009-07-03 03:21 by John Kester

Since this morning, I've been told by some third grade girls that I have nice long eyelashes and I autographed the sixth graders' textbooks.  Big man on campus today.